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Another day, another closure

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Most days bring news of companies facing tough times. Some scale down, some close altogether.

What does this mean for customer service?

When deciding what to buy, customers have always made trade-offs. Will economic challenges change what is a profoundly human behaviour? No. I am quite sure that Neolithic cave-dwellers made trade-offs. And let’s not forget that bartering itself is based on trade-offs.

So, what are customers likely to be trading off in 2012?

Clearly price – always a key factor in the UK – will remain an important consideration. As will quality. What is likely to change is the tangible expression of what represents value for money. At ERS, we think that customers will become MORE NOT LESS DISCERNING in 2012. They will have higher expectations of companies, and will want these companies to provide a tangible rationale for the price they charge.

Does this change anything for companies?

Yes! With customers looking for companies who go the extra step, demonstrating value is even more important this year.

Companies need to build a crystal-clear understanding of what their customers value most, what elements of their customer experience deliver great value and why, and what they can leverage to increase their competitive advantage.

When customers equate “feeling I get value for money” with “feeling valued as a customer”, it’s time to build a robust understanding of what value for money means for your organisation.

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looking ahead

The last 12 months have seen a flurry of new research approaches.

Recruiting online communities via Facebook…Testing online journeys through a sequence of live surveys …Playful formats bringing quantitative surveys to life …Using Fitbit bracelets instead of a health diary …Advanced co-creation with consumers, suppliers and clients IN THE SAME ROOM…Yes, all of these are possible.

New technology is opening up fantastic ways to engage with your audience and find out what makes them tick.

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