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Customer experience

There is nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone to take an honest look at what matters to consumers now and how this might influence their choices in the near future.

A trip to Poland brought home the importance of the rural economy to that country – but also emphasised the crucial role of a well organised public transport system that serves users even in the most distant villages (despite the awful state of the roads). How the price of bread is high when there are wheat fields as far as the eye can see remains however a mystery to us.

A long stay in Germany enabled us to appreciate the influence of the ‘Landlust’ movement, the prevalence of bio/organic foods and the relevance of food provenance to local consumers – even in discount shops.

In Australia, outdoor living brings a different set of priorities…along with food choices and social interactions. The “barbie” is no myth!

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looking ahead

The last 12 months have seen a flurry of new research approaches.

Recruiting online communities via Facebook…Testing online journeys through a sequence of live surveys …Playful formats bringing quantitative surveys to life …Using Fitbit bracelets instead of a health diary …Advanced co-creation with consumers, suppliers and clients IN THE SAME ROOM…Yes, all of these are possible.

New technology is opening up fantastic ways to engage with your audience and find out what makes them tick.

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