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2014: From green shoots to full-blown trees?


Truly, there was no time to draw breath in Q4 2013 as projects were commissioned, carried out and delivered right up to Christmas. And not just for ERS – our network of contacts from agencies and clientside all reported a surge in activity slightly later than expected, but definitely intense.

Nice problem to have…but will the “green shoots” grow to full-blown trees in 2014?

The Q4 ’13 activity levels would be challenging to sustain for a full year though they would lead to baobab-size turnover! Encouragingly, businesses are ready to commit to research in 2014 , with commissions and conversations already suggesting a healthy pipeline – in the UK at least. Positive buzz from the US suggests the recovery is filtering through the manufacturing and service sectors. The picture in the rest of Europe is more blurred but companies that operate globally seem more prone to progress with strategic initiatives than they were a year or two ago.

However, the fundamental need for strategic consultancies, researchers and innovation specialists to demonstrate value is here to stay. Since the crisis of 2008, clients want to see research prove its worth before they are ready to commit to it.

The big difference now is the distinct shift towards research that can help businesses prepare for future opportunities that are much further ahead, delivering value over a longer period of time.

Research for the sake of research is truly dead (and we won’t mourn it). Research that opens up new, longer-term commercial opportunities on the other hand, has a bright future.

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looking ahead

The last 12 months have seen a flurry of new research approaches.

Recruiting online communities via Facebook…Testing online journeys through a sequence of live surveys …Playful formats bringing quantitative surveys to life …Using Fitbit bracelets instead of a health diary …Advanced co-creation with consumers, suppliers and clients IN THE SAME ROOM…Yes, all of these are possible.

New technology is opening up fantastic ways to engage with your audience and find out what makes them tick.

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